Friday, May 23, 2014


So I've officially hit month 5 in my job search and I've yet to get an interview, call-back, and in some cases an email letting me know that they have selected someone else. While I know it is hard out here for everyone, I didn't realize that even trying to move from one department at Hopkins to another would be so hard. I have been rejected to all other Research Assistant jobs and I'm starting to wonder if I'm qualified or not. My resume has been improved exponentially. My friend Jelani has been so instrumental in helping me to not only improve my resume but improve my confidence in myself.

The problem with that whole confidence thing, is that its decreasing by the day. I'm being told by friends, family, and current coworkers (including supervisors) that I will land on my feet. They tell me I'm smart and would be a welcomed asset to any company. Too bad that hasn't been the case.

I'm starting to wonder if I should go back to school for a second BA, apply to a master's program, or try to get a quick certificate. I'm not really sure where to go from here since honestly I'm pretty open to most healthcare jobs that entail research and analysis. The thing that is going against me is the fact that I don't have an advanced degree or more years of experience. Being a recent graduate with a limited background in healthcare hasn't been helpful. Despite my workload and responsibilities at all the jobs I've held, I don't think HR or hiring staff are able to see how to apply what I do know and have done to what they are looking for.

At this point, I'm starting to believe they want a unicorn. They want someone with a master's degree that has supervised a bunch of employees, has 5-15 years of experience, and can walk on water. My discouragement makes me feel like all though articles about how Millennials are going through a rough time. WELL DUH! My quarter-life crisis is shared by many of my friends. Others I think have managed to cover it up with great social media pictures and random trips or luxury clothes/items despite a shitload of student loan debt.  My facebook and instagram make me feel like I'm some kind of loser watching everyone become successful except for me.

While I know this is false, social media has thrown me off. Even Linked-In has sent me notifications of people getting new jobs, promotions, adding skills, or getting another degree. I find myself trying my best not to compare myself to others but when you live in a world that prides itself on literally telling people EVERYTHING you are doing, that is easier said then done.

What I can be thankful for though is that I have a support system and an understanding supervisor and mentor that continues to make sure I feel appreciated and respected. For right now, that is really all that matters. Right?